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One of my favorite things to cook is ribs. There are many different styles and ways to prepare ribs, but we are going to start off with the basics Initial preparation is to wash the racks, then liberally sprinkle them with salt, black pepper, and Spice Supreme bar b q seasoning, then place them in the cooler to soak in the seasoning for several hours.

I use seasoned hickory in the firebox, cooking the ribs for 4 hours, turning them every half hour or so, before wrapping them in tinfoil (dull side out) and putting them back in the pit for another 5-6 hours; the tinfoil allows the heat to slowly roast the meat and the smoke and seasoning to cook thru the meat without drying out or toughening up.

When the rack of ribs is unwrapped, they should be easy to slice or simply pull apart, moist, tender, and finger licking good. Good ribs do not require any sauce, just hungry people.

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